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Heirloom Pieces

Repurposed Heirlooms

It's always incredibly fun and meaningful to bring new life to a vintage or heirloom gown. This can mean several things:

  • Restoring to original condition 

  • Keeping the original design but fitting it to a new bride

  • Re-designing the gown entirely 

  • Using fabric from the gown to make a new heirloom, such as a robe, veil, ring bearer pillow, etc. 


If you would like to wear or incorporate a family heirloom into your bridal look, I can make that happen! Simply contact me and we can get the creative process started. 

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New Heirlooms & Custom Pieces 

We do not always have to use fabric from an existing piece, to create a new heirloom. Yes, it's fun and meaningful to do it that way...but my clients do not always have existing materials to work with. Don't let that stop you! You can still commission a new heirloom piece to be made. I also do custom pieces in order to complete a bridal or special occasion look. Some examples include: 

  • Baptism, Dedication, newborn, or first birthday outfits

  • Flower Girl dresses 

  • Custom bridal peices such as veils or robes

  • Custom cover ups and shawls 

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