As far as timeline, I recommend my clients be fitted about 6 weeks before the wedding (or before you leave if it's out of town). That way weight fluctuation isn't an issue. Then my clients pick up 2 weeks before their wedding or departure date. That way there is not enough time for you to change a significant amount of weight and your dress not fit perfectly. However, it is still enough time if you need any adjustments. I've found this timeline ensures the most accurate alterations and works well, but you're welcome to modify it however you like.


Keep in mind that you do not want to wait until 6 weeks out to book. My calendar books several months in advance year-round, spring and summer weddings book out the fastest. Contact me early and we can get your wedding date reserved. 


I work out of my home located in Olympia WA. Click here for the closest cross-street, and the exact address is provided upon request. 


Although I work from home, there is a private studio for my brides to enjoy. Guests and children of all ages are welcome. The studio is small and can seat 2-3 guests. If you would like to bring more guests and/or bring champagne and snacks to enjoy, you are more than welcome. I just ask for a few days notice so I can arrange a larger area outside the designated studio for your fitting. 


Each gown is priced per task and how long it takes to complete each task. On average my brides spend $400-$600 for standard alteration, such as taking in/letting out, hem, bustle, and adjusting straps. Keep in mind that how the gown is constructed, the amount of beading/lace, and the overall amount of alterations desired all impact price. 


Custom projects such as adding sleeves to strapless gowns, re-sizing gowns multiple sizes, repairing significant damage, etc are all possible but it is best to contact me regarding pricing information on such specific projects. 


I give all clients a quote before reserving their wedding date and fitting. General quotes can be given by messaging photos of you in your gown. I will let you know if your alterations are outside the scope of a remote estimate and an in person consultation is needed.  


I do not dry clean gowns, but I do hand wash them. If your gown has beadwork I recommend having it washed rather than dry cleaned. The chemicals used in dry cleaning can damage the finish on beadwork. On the other hand, I do not recommend hand washing silk gowns. 

I do not require sample gowns to be cleaned before alterations. 

What Bra do I Need?

None. 99.99% of my clients do not need additional support garments underneath their gowns. Your gown should be fitted to provide you the support and lift you need. There are very few instances were I recommend a separate bra. This will be discussed well before your fitting, at the time of your estimate.