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Whether you tied the knot and now it's time to restore your gown to mint condition, or you bought a sample that needs some TLC, I got you covered! I provide several options for cleaning and preservation, for both before and after the wedding. This way my clients can choose the option that best suits their needs. It is very common for me to clean a loved sample before the event, and every gown needs cleaning after the event. If you plan on keeping your gown, they all need preservation, otherwise the fabric will inevitably yellow over time! Ya...those vintage wedding gowns you see? They weren't originally that color. So it's imperative that you not only clean your gown, but you properly store it in an archival preservation chest.


Please ready through your options for cleaning and preservation. As an added bonus, rest assured that the chemicals throughout each process are organic and biodegradable. 



I've partnered with the most trusted dry cleaning and preservation company in the US, to provide my clients with services that match my quality standards. You purchase the kit and I ship it directly to you. You simply fill out the form, pack your gown and accessories in the box, and drop it off for shipping (which is all included!) This is an excellend option for my clients who travel far to see my for alterations, and want the convenience of this kit mailed directly to them. 

Local dry cleaners are most likely shipping your gown to large cleaners like this anyway. They're just not telling you. So purchasing from your bridal seamstress is the exact same as taking it to your local cleaner (but my price is likely better!)

Click here for instructions on how to send your gown once you receive your kit. For questions or more information click here to contact me 


My clients choose me as their bridal seamstress because they know I am someone they can trust. They know that I will provide them will an absolutely perfect fit and highest quality workmanship on their bridal gown. This level of service doesn't have to stop after the wedding! 

If you are nervous about shipping your gown for cleaning and preservation, then I am happy to restore and preserve your gown. I utilize equivalent methods of cleaning along with archival storage chests of identical quality to large cleaners. 

Any minor repairs such as lost buttons, small tears, snags, missing beads, etc are included with this service. 


 Both options include cleaning and preservation for up to 5 accessories at no additional price! Think veil, sash, lace topper, garter etc. 


Easy online ordering, with free shipping on kits straight to your door! Contact me to schedule drop off for In House Cleaning and Preservation. 


Select an item ($)

Please contact me to schedule drop-off for puchased In House Cleaning & Preservation

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There are several instances where a bride might want cleaning without preservation. The most common occurance is when a bride purchases a sample that needs some TLC before the big day. I've also had brides wear their gowns for multipe occasions and want cleaning between each. Sometimes my clients will not be keeping their gowns, but consigning or donated them instead. In this case, they forego preservation and opt for a restorative clean. 

Prices start at $100 for cleaning and vary based on the amount of damage. Please contact me if you would like to add cleaning to your alterations anytime before or after your event. 

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