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The photos below are just one example of what can be done. If you have any questions or are interested in any of my services, don't hesitate to contact me


Standard Bridal Alterations 

Even the smallest alterations make a huge difference in how you look and feel on your wedding day! I use the word "standard" to describe any alteration within an appropriate stock size. This usually includes items like hems, bustles, shortening straps, taking in sides, and resizing the bust.     


Non-Standard Bridal Gown Resizing 

I am an EXPERT at resizing gowns! Whether your gown is multiple sizes too big...or too small, I'm here to expertly re-grade it to your proportions. This is not something many seamstresses actually do, because it requires the gown to be completely deconstructed, and reassembled with the proper dressmaking and grading knowledge. Luckily I'm well versed in all of that! 


Bespoke Veils 

A veil will truly elevate your wedding gown and make you feel like a bride. My most common veils are actually quite simple, yet special, because they are custom made to perfectly compliment each bride. You can also get fancy with it and have custom lace applique's, edging, etc. 


Heirloom Alterations and Redesign 

It's always such an honor to alter or redesign a family member's gown. This gown was a quintessential early 90's gown with poufy sleeves and a massive train. She opted to keep the majority of the bodice the same, but with a simpler skirt....that was removable! It then revealed a second party look underneath! Whether we are simply altering for fit, or completely redesigning, I love working on heirloom pieces. 

Katie+Jesse Wedding-684_edited.jpg

Day of Dressing 

The morning of my wedding I was steaming my gown, steaming robes, and hand hemming ring bearer pants who just flew in! Then when I needed help with my outfit change or designated helpers were nowhere to be found! I still loved my wedding day...but it dawned on me that these are all services I should be providing to my client. I only wish I had a vendor to take care of all my wardrobe needs on my wedding day. And I absolute love filling that need for my brides. Day of Dressing can be as simple as steaming your gowns the morning, or it can be all day wardrobe assistance. Such as, getting you dressed, staging your train and veil for photos, bustling your gown, and mitigating any possible hiccups so you can maximize your wedding day and all the moments in it. 

IMG-2985 (1).PNG

Bridal Gown Re-Design

One of my absolute favorite part of my job is redesigning a client's existing gown. This can mean a simple redesign like adding custom sleeves. But the sky is really the limit when it comes to bringing your vision to life! 


Custom Heirloom Pieces 

Some of my most special pieces aren't wedding gowns at all, but made from wedding gowns. Pictured here is a custom baptism gown with beaded floral applique from her mother's wedding dress. 


Cleaning and Preservation 

What do you do with your gown after the wedding? Donate it, store it, re-purpose it? Whatever option you choose, you'll definitely want it cleaned first! And if you're storing your gown for any length of time, you will also want it preserved to maintain it's color and quality. I offer cleaning and preservation as a bundle for after the wedding, or as a cleaning and steaming bundle before the wedding for those gowns that have been previously loved. 

You can purchase a cleaning and preservation kit here

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