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Re-Designs & Re-Sizing 

Many of my clients come to me, because they know I am a master at re-designing, or re-sizing gown multiple sizes. There is no limit to what I can re-design on a gown, but some of the common designs are:

  • Adding sleeves

  • Modifying necklines (making them higher for coverage or turning them into a plunge, sweetheart, etc

  • Modifying the back (making it higher for coverage or lowering/opening up the back)

  • Adding slits

  • Adding custom overskirts or even changing the skirt itself 

  • Adding lace or bling 

Bring me your creative vision and I'll make it happen! 

I also specialize in drastically resizing gowns. I have several creative solutions to resize a gown that is too small, while still maintaining the integrity of the original design. You do not have to settle for a corset or an ill fitting gown!


On the other side, gowns that are significantly too large also need special care. It takes a trained dressmaker, like myself, to grade the entire gown down proportionately. 

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